Ета 17
ЦПУ сервозадвижване софтуер

Compact & reliable CNC


High performance CNC of machine tool developed to provide the outstanding speed, precision and efficiency demanded to accomplish the machining of the feature .....

Servodrives & Servomotors

Servo-modul EDB/DS19

We apply advanced technology of DSP and IPM and intellectual
calculation to entitle the controller of optimized
dynamic and static features.


Ladder Tools

"Ladder Tools" is Windows based software for drawing of ladder programs for ETA-17 CNC systems. It is easy to create controller programs using graphic symbols and specify their attributes (address, name and comment). ...
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About us

"ETA-17" is a private company, established in 1990 in Sofia. The major proceedings are development, production and service of industrial electronics (mainly for automation of machinery).

"ETA-17" is specialized in production of:

"ETA-17" produces also high-tech devices by customer order. The company is concentrated in development, assemblage, service and expedition of an end product. Company employ not lardge collective of high motivated and high skilled specialists. Selected suppliers accomplish unspecific works by contracts. The production is mainly destined for export. "ETA-17" has exclusive representatives in Canada, Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, Turkey and other.

"ETA-17" is a member of The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The company is a regular participant in The International Plovdiv Fair and has a Gold Medal award for achievements in machine automation. The main goal for the company is completely satisfy the needs of customers by high quality and moderate prices. Leading business principles for ETA-17 are producing and delivery of effective solutions, compact and reliable products. All products are guaranteed for 36 months.

certificate ISO9001